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Scott McCall

Scott has been fishing the waters off NJ since he was 5 years old when he first went on the "Miss Point Pleasant" for mackerel.  Since then, he has been successfully angling for species such as  fluke, striped bass, ling and sea bass to name a few. Scott currently captains his 28' Hydra Sport "Truly Blessed" when he is not pursuing his true passion of jigging and popping tuna in locations such as Panama, Cape Cod, and Prince Edward Island, Canada.  Scott’s accreditation's include a two first place finishes in the prestigious jigging and popping tournament at the world renowned Panama Sportfishing Lodge in 2011 and 2012 and he just recently caught several Giant Bluefin tuna including one over 1000 lbs. in Prince Edward Island.  Scott’s fishing resume includes pro angler assignments for Black Hole Rods, G & B Fishing Systems, Inc./Avet Reels and Bluefin USA.  Scott  is also a proud member of the Billfish Foundation and The Atlantic Tuna Project.

Jennifer McCall

Jennifer began freshwater fishing with her father and grandfather as a child for bass in Little Rock Arkansas. She moved to NJ in 2003 and began saltwater fishing with her husband Scott, off of the NJ coast for flounder, fluke, blackfish , and her favorite which is live lining bunker for striped bass on their 28' Hydra Sport "Truly Blessed" out of Shark River NJ .  In 2011, Jennifer and Scott traveled to Panama and Central America where she quickly acquired the skill and passion for the art of popping and jigging Yellow fin Tuna and most other pelagic species and she continues to do so every chance she gets. As a result of her successful fishing endeavors in NJ, Panama, and Prince Edward Island, Canada she has been added to the Pro Angler Staff of Black Hole Rods, Bluefin USA, and G & B Fishing Systems, Inc./AVET Reels.
Jenn’s most recent angling accomplishment was the catch and release of a 900 lb. Bluefin Tuna on stand-up gear in Aug of 2012 in Prince Edward Island, Canada.   This remarkable achievement can be viewed on YouTube Here. It also bears mention that Jen landed and released the Goliath in less than one hour.