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fins fishing line

When FINS introduced XS, their first 8 strand braid, the fishing world took notice and the battle of the braids started to take shape … and the shape was round. FINS weaved together 8 ends of Spectra yarn to create a more natural product that requires less resin and fillers to create its smooth, round body. But the positive gains were not without their downfalls.  Using 8 strands of the Spectra fibers is more costly.

The other notable downside was limitation of not being able to produce a line under 20-pound tensile strength and .011-inch diameter. This created a new challenge for the group that started the braided line business.  After receiving increased interest in lower tensiles, Dave Burch went to Honeywell and inquired about smaller diameter fibers and Honeywell created the product. Recently, the President of FINS made the announcement that light tackle anglers have been waiting to hear.  The FINS XS 8 strand braided line is now available in 10 and 15 pound test. Designed for the angler that needs a smoother line with improved casting distance and increased abrasion resistance, the new FINS XS is kickin’ tails.

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