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Captain Mike Formichella
Shark Inlet Charters

Born and raised at the Jersey Shore, Captain Mike has been fishing these waters for over 30 years and running charters since 2005. From surf casting in the suds to fishing the deep blue canyons, Capt. Mike has gained a wealth of knowledge fishing the local waters over the years. Capt. Mike has fished extensively out of New Jersey, South Florida, New England, and Costa Rica. Here in NJ, his charters focus on live bait fishing for striped bass and bottom fishing for fluke, blackfish and sea bass.  When it’s time for fun fishing…he’s chasing Bluefin tuna and sharks.

“There is nothing more gratifying than putting people on fish”
Capt. Mike Formichella


Philip Salvatore Tumminia AKA #famous phillyfish now 10 years old has been fishing with his Dad since the age of 2. Philip is the mate on his Dad’s boat and regularly fishes for Striped Bass, Fluke (Summer Flounder) and Blackfish. Philip already has a few trips under his belt to the northeast canyons. Philip is also the first junior member in the Staten Island Fishing Club. #famousphillyfish has also appeared on Captain Frank Crescitelli’s Fin Chasers TV Show attempting to land a small fry record Bluefish.

From helping to navigate the family boat “The Game” to assisting in making bait (#famousphillyfish) has his whole fishing future ahead of him and we are proud to have him as our first ever Junior Product Ambassador for Avet Reels, Inc. and G & B Fishing Products, Inc.

Keep Reeling Philip we can’t wait to hear about more of your fishing achievements in the future.

Phil Tumminia


Phil Tumminia (#famousphillyfish’s) Dad, started fishing for Bluefish and Fluke at the age of 8 years old on various family and party boats hailing from Brooklyn. NY.  In his late 20’s and living in Staten Island Phil bought his first boat and never looked back.

As a past member of the Staten Island Tuna Club and now one of the founders of the Staten Island Fishing Club Phil has achieved a level of expertise second to none. Fishing local tournaments as well as
participating in the prestigious Mid Atlantic 500 and placing 2nd in 2005 on the Over the Top.

Phil has also been on the Lady Nancy, Poppy, and the Gina Lisa all of which are known tournament battle wagons.

From tournaments to catching Giant Bluefin Tuna on the Gina Lisa, Phil has assembled a substantial fishing resume with some well known and savvy tournament captains and owners in the Northeast.


Captain Doug Phillips
Openbow Sportfishing

Captain Doug Phillips is USCG Licensed with an OUPV Near Coastal (100nm) Endorsement.  He Has been fishing the Barnegat Bay and offshore NJ waters for over 30 years.  Besides operating his charter business out of Barnegat Light, NJ he manages Openbow.Org - a fishing resource website dedicated to providing knowledge from experienced anglers direct to the public.

Capt. Doug is passionate about targeting offshore species on light tackle and uses superlight Avet/Black Hole combinations to provide his customers the ultimate challenge in freestyle offshore fishing.  He's been published in On the Water Magazine on the subject of rigging small center consoles for success offshore.  Capt. Doug is a SIMMS Pro Guide and on the Avet Reel and Sterling Tackle Pro Staff.