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3/2/11 Avet Reels Release of the MX Raptors

Chatsworth CA- Avet Reels announces the release date for the much anticipated MXJ 6/4 Raptor and MXL 6/4 Raptor reels. They will be unveiled at the 2011 Fred Hall Show at the Long Beach Convention Center in CA on March 9th, and will be hitting dealer shelves immediately after. These will complete the lineup of Raptors, for now at least. The Avet Raptor Series reels, based on the sizes of Avets popular 2-speed M.C. single drag reels,  feature twice the drag pressure, a ratcheting drag lever arm with integrated Positive Strike Stop Button that requires a simple push of a button to advance past strike to prevent accidental advancement to full drag. As with all of their Raptor predecessors, the MX Raptors will feature Avets industry leading 2-speed gearing and M.C. Cast anti backlash cast control, standard. The new MX Raptors, similar in size to the original Avet MX Series reels, will be capable of astonishing drag pressures to 17lbs at strike and 26lbs full, making them perfect to exploit the potential of modern super braid line. They also have enhanced line capacity. These little reels will be true to their namesake..small, agile, with a bite that will subdue just about any large game.

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